TX3600BW UHF Modular Commercial Radio (Body Only)

The GME Commercial Modular Series offers the end user greater flexibility when choosing a commercial radio. It allows the end user to purchase a base radio and then choose between a 'Remote Head' or 'Remote LCD Microphone'. There are also a variety of microphone options that can be used with the remote head.

The TX3600BW is a continued evolution of GME's TX3600 under dash series of UHF radios. It represents a major advance in commercial radio with outstanding features, performance and flexibility. With the option of adding the RH003 remote head and your choice of microphone, or you may choose the compact MC522BC remote LCD microphone

Installation is simple; with the radio measuring just 140mm (W) x 145mm (L) x 30mm (H) mm the TX3600 easily fits into the confines of modern vehicles. The radio can be installed under the seat with the remote head or LCD mic option to be fitted to the centre console or dash.

Requires either -


The MC522BC offers the ultimate in radio looks and installation with all the features of using the TX3800 under dash series. With all controls conveniently located on the microphone it now offers commercial users communications in the palm your hand.


Using RH003 remote head gives flexibility of easy installation with all the features of using the TX3800 under dash series. When using the RH003 you are able to choose the microphone that you want ranging from a MC507BC with a simple PPT button through to a MC540BC full keypad microphone.

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